I was born in Béthune (France) in 1967 and am binational (French-Swiss).

I had the chance to travel very young in several countries thanks to my parents.

We used to change countries approximatly every 3 years.

Carthage (Tunisia), Rome (Italy), Sao Paulo (Brazil) but also

Péronne, Nîmes, Le Beausset (France) and Evolène, Geneva (Switzerland).

I was able to immerse in various cultures and learned several languages which are very usefull to me today.

After obtaining the Baccalauréat, I embarked on 2 years of Biology at Geneva's University.

My attraction to moutain culture finally changed my outlook of life.

I settled in Evolene (Switzerland) for 7 years where Raymond George trained me in the art of cabinetmaking

and fine woodworking. I can never thank Raymond enough for passing his knowledge.

After obtaining the federal certificate of capacity in Martigny, I practiced for 10 years as fine woodworker.

At the same time, being a guitarist since I was 12, I became interested in lutherie and the idea of making it activity

came naturally.Thanks to funding, Iwas able to train in the art of guitarbuilding.

The luthiers : Gilles Mercier and Yvon Le Moing inspired me a lot.

The workshop opened in 2005.

I had the chance to work on guitar models with Juan Carmona, Valérie Duchateau and Yamandu Costa.

Rémy Larson



1228, Chemin Baro Nuecho

83330 Le Beausset